Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mission (Almost ) Complete!!!!! Part Un (one)

Yes, that many exclamation points! So proud of my team and our efforts and all of you that helped make this happen! This started as a prompting from God. I listened and made a small move. God had bigger plans now, didn't He?!

The team from MN got the filters installed at the boy's home and the school/Pastor Yoyo's house. They also assembled all 50 bucket filters. They could have got more done, but that was the week that the First Baptist Church was celebrating Pastor Yoyo's 25th year. They had 3-4 hour services every day! It can feel like an eternity during one service because the whole thing is in Creole. I know many of them were frustrated by this commitment, but God really blessed their efforts in helping the people of Maissade.

We, Team Two, from California and Idaho, had but two services to attend. I missed the first one (it was optional) on Saturday night. Sunday was the big service dedicated to Pastor Yoyo. It was long but a cool breeze was present. Actually, the weather the entire week was the nicest I had experienced in my five trips thus far.

Work started in earnest on Monday. We rehabbed a tank that was at the girl's house that had not been used in a while. Before, it had been hooked up the the on again/off again city water. The girls were having to take showers at the Boys house and use their toilets. Before we left on Thursday, the plumbing was done and the tower was being rebuilt, it only took something like two swings of the sledgehammer to bring the tower platform down. It was the only project that wasn't finished by the time we departed.


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