Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mission (Almost) Complete!!!!!! Part Deux

Next up, the feeding center. Previously, when the feeding center (my father being part of the team that built it), an 8'x8'x8' concrete cistern was built to store water from the well that was drilled later. Every day, a worker would have to drag the generator over, put about 50 feet of pipe together, and start the pump to fill the cistern. The water from that well is probably the best in town but it was stored in a semi-covered cistern. The kitchen staff would have to take a bucket to the cistern and use it to cook with and make the kids vitamin drink. The team buried the pipe and installed the tank on the roof. They then plumbed in the filter into the store room, to keep it away from the heat of the kitchen next door. A hole was made in the wall into the kitchen and a faucet was added. I was there on the final day to see the reaction of the kitchen staff when they used the tap for the first time! It was priceless. I like to be the first to drink the water to show everyone it's alright, but Tony, the manager of the feeding center, had the first one. He approved!

I'm gonna make a personal statement here: It is so gratifying to know that all of these children that we serve have access to clean, potable drinking water. I am moved to tears looking at the photos and knowing that God used me, a simple, imperfect man, to bring this about. To be His vessel is more gratifying than I ever thought it would be.

Okay, back to the original programming...

So, now all three sites that Converge Worldwide (and Pacwest) supports have access to clean water!

Next was a really cool meeting with the mayor of Maissade, Pastors Yoyo and Whitney, and Steven Jones, Jeff Ashlock, and myself. It was cool because they had been planning a town well and trying to find a solution. With the money we raised, even with what was spent already, their estimate is about what we have left over!


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