Saturday, January 14, 2012

Encouraging emails from sponsors of children in Maissade

I am loving the response from the Haiti One by One newsletter! Thank you all for letting me know you want to help! I just had a video meeting with Jeff Gauss from Epiphany Station church in Thief River Falls, MN and Jeff Ashlock from New Covenant in Fresno, CA. Gauss and his church raised over $10,000, Ashlock's group raised a few thousand, and so have I and our small gang up here in Idaho! We may have up to $20,000 when all said and done. Some of the money is going to a kitchen for the Boaz and Ruth Houses (the orphanages) and for other small projects, but the bulk is going to clean, safe drinking water. I have a Microbiology professor from Boise State that will analyze smaples that we bring back.

Our trip in February will be to bring filters for the School, the Orphange, the Feeding Center, and the surrounding hill country church pastors with instructions to make sure all that come to them are served.

These bucket filters will filter 99.99999% of the bacteria from the water. They can bring water from the river and pour it in and within minutes, have safe water to drink. The filters are Sawyer Point One's and can be backflushed and used again and again. One filter can do around 400 gallons per day if used continually.

While there, we will find the proper location and system to use for the entire town. Living Water is the group we will most likely be using, since they have a strong presence in Haiti already. The bulk of the money raised will go to this effort.

We still are encouraging donations. Please see previous post for ways to give! Thank you all for your encouraging emails!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New concert flier!

Our local, annual concert/fundraiser is happening SOON! Save the date, trust me on this! You'll be able to say you "knew them before they were famous!"